Security Update #1

May 4, 2020 Site News

Since taking charge of Meet Me Outside last week I have realized that a lot of unwanted visitors could join and message our members.

That’s why we have now implemented security measues to improve the quality of our userbase. Here is a list of the new/improved systems;

  • reCaptcha for registration form. This stops automated registrations by bots.
  • Email verification for new accounts. This stops registrations with fake/stolen emails.
  • Honeypot setup. This lets us identify manually operated spam accounts.
  • IP-blacklisting. This lets us block users IP-adresses from registering again.

With all four methods combined I’m certain that we can reduce the amount of fraudulent sign-ups and make a nice and pleasant place to chat/date.

Other methods are being worked on that we are not inclined to share publicly, but rest assued that we don’t like bots/spammers very much…

As always, feel free to get in touch with any feedback or suggestions, and thank you for the messages about last weeks update.

Best wishes
– Simon N.