A Fresh Start

May 1, 2020 Site News

Hello everyone!

Here is a quick update on what has been going on for the past few days.

New Ownership

The ownership of Meet Me Outside recently changed hands and I’m the new admin, Simon. You will be hearing from me here in the news section quite a lot I hope.

Site Updates

The website will be updated to reflect our new goals and it has already been moved to a new server in Chicago. You may see some small issues for a few days while we renovate the site, but don’t worry! Overall things will get faster, more user-friendly and you won’t loose any of your profiles.

Acount Removals

A round of account deletions will be done to combat spam and very inactive old profiles.


Feel free to share your own thoughts and suggestions by emailing admin@mmoutside.com. I would love to hear what you think!


Mmoutside.com is still going to be a completely free dating site, just better. That’s why we have introduced a completely optional paid membership.

Users that want to avoid seeing advertising can now subscribe for $2.99/month, they will also get their profile featured in search results.

I must emphasize that this is not going to become a paid dating site! We just want to keep the lights on and be able to grow the website.


Free members will no longer be seeing random ads from Google, but instead we will be switching to a curated list of advertisers.

These ads are what makes it possible to have a free website in the first place, so we hope you don’t mind if they stay.

The Future

My goal is to keep working hard and turning this website into a great free platform for dating in the US. I hope you will stay with me along the journey.

Best wishes
– Simon N.